About Me

Things that you probably want to know about me:

"This is Bob Merley"

Full Name:
Not this time. I'm a shy person.

Nickname or what people usually call me:
My friends called me Merley or Melly. I added 'Bob' to the name so that it would sound cooler.  At first I don't like that nickname, I never asked them to call me that, but that's what friends do, they just ignore me and the name just sticks until today.

The origin of the Nickname:
I don't wanna tell

Education background:
Skolah rendah kat kampong, pastu skolah menengah kat kawasan hulu(pedalaman), pastu gi kat universiti yang jauh

Music, Photography, Guitar

Nothing in particular. I started to play games (PS3) again. Maybe I should start playing guitar again or start using my camera more often.

Fav food:
Cheesecake and Butter Pecan Ice-cream 

Fav drinks:
Grapefruit drinks and Ginger ale

Favorite Quotes:
"Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind" -- Dr. Seuss 

(to be continued...)

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  1. oooooo...npe xmo gtau the origin of the nickname?

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