Sunset in San Francisco 2

Again another picture taken during San Francisco trip a few years ago. It sure brings back all those sweet memories. I would kill for a time machine now (=

Love and Peace

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Sad panda alone

Never let a panda feel sad.

Love and Peace

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Sunset in San Francisco

This picture was taken during my trip to San Francisco about 2 years ago, During winter. We stopped by bay and Solat Maghrib there (=

The memories will never die… Damn, I miss it a lot ),=

Love and Peace

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Cold Stone!!!! Anyone?

P/S: Panas oiiii!!! aku mau eskerem!!

Love and Peace (=

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climbing-fence-fail-kid-fence-climb-underwear-epic-fail-1292874435(gambar hiasan) picture source:

Tahukah anda bahawa memanjat pagar itu kadang kala bole membawa kepada kemudaratan? Masa zaman persekolahan, aktiviti memanjat pagar boleh dikatakan menjadi kebiasaaan bagi sesetengah yang suka ponteng. activiti memanjat pagar juga dilakukan oleh orang yang sudah tidak bersekolah kerana mahu mencari shortcut atau dalam bahasa melayu “jalan pintas”.

Tahukan anda, baru-baru ini ada orang mati akibat terjerut baju sendiri ketika panjat pagar? Aku ada letak kat bawah ni cerita dia:

UPDATE: Man who was injured climbing fence in northeast Dallas dies

By Matt Peterson/Editor
8:57 AM on Wed., Mar. 9, 2011 | Permalink

Here's a report from staff writer Amber Bell:

A Dallas man who was critically injured when his clothes were tangled in a fence he was trying to climb has died.

Orintal Cooper, 32, was hurt on the night of Feb. 20 in the 9900 block of Whitehurst Drive, near Skillman Street. Friends called his death a "freak accident."

He was taken off life support this week and died early Tuesday at the Veterans Affairs hospital in Dallas, according to a Facebook tribute page.

Cooper, known to his friends as "O," planned to become a firefighter after he attended Brookhaven Community College for firefighting and EMT classes last year, according to his Facebook page.

Friends and family are remembering him with a prayer chain started on the social networking site.

Original entry (posted Feb. 21):

A man was seriously injured Sunday night when his clothes became tangled in a fence around a northeast Dallas apartment complex.

The 32-year-old victim, who was not identified, was found shortly after 8:30 p.m. hanging from the fence in the 9900 block of Whitehurst Drive, near Skillman Street.

Police believe he was trying to climb the fence when he fell and was choked by his clothes. They didn't know how long he was hanging there before he was found.

Dallas Fire-Rescue responded and transported him to Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Dallas in critical condition.


Kesimpulan: berhati-hatilah ketika memanjat pagar. Malang tidak berbau. Saya sekadar memberi nasihat

P/s: saya pon suka panjat pagar. mintak-mintak jauh mende2 macam ni.


Love and Peace!

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Hari ini hari Sabtu. Bila tiba hari Sabtu, saya akan jadi macam kucing. Saya akan baring. Bila saya baring, saya susah nak bangun.

Sabtu = Saturday

Kucing = Cat

Saturday x Cat = Caturday

caturday-caturday-poster-day-dec18-cubby-demotivational-posters-1292707505picture source: motifake

I can’t get up

Love and Peace!

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