"...What's love??Love is what make the world go round
Love can lift you up, it can tear you down
Love is a sweetest joy, the deepest pain
Love is effortless, but needs work to maintain
Love can make you stupid, luv can turn you dumb
Make you forget where you at, where you come from
Love made many splendid things
Love can be forever or just be a fling
Love can began with a smile
Love between a mother and her child
Love between siblings, love between friends
Love to heal hearts, Love to make amends
Love filled with laughter, but end in tears
Fear can stop your love, love can stop your fears
Love the one above, make you stand tall...
" lyric of the song "love" from Gerhana Ska Cinta.

"Cinta tak kenal rupa, bangsa dan species. beruk pun mahu bebas bercinta dengan species lain. walaupun dia tetap beruk" (gambar sekadar hiasan dan pameran semata-mata, bukan bertujuan menghina sesiapa seperti otta benga)