Jarle Bernhof

Photo illustration of Jarle Bernhoft

by Oh Yeah Studio (Hans Christian Oren)

*Jarle Bernhoft is a very telented Norwegian singer, multi-instrumentalist, composer and og lyricist. Personally, I really admire this dude. He has a very great sense of music and also sense of fashion. I kinda like his style. Shortly, he is just amazing, truly an awesome dude.

*HI-FI klubben is the biggest chain in scandinavian with high quality sound- and image products like stereos, TV, loud speakers etc. Rå Lyd is their magazine that targets the costumers with not only products but more of a experience of good music like concerts and such.

-Love and Peace-

P/S: I’m back!!!!!!!

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  1. honestly, i don`t know this dude..

  2. erkk.... memang aku fail bab2 ni..

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