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I took this photo during my trip to Tioman, summer 2007. It was my first summer break during my undergrad days at RIT. I went back home to Malaysia and planned a trip to Tioman for a few days with my buddies. It was a wonderful trip. I wish I could go back to those days, when I don’t have to think about difficult stuffs like works and meetings. Damn, where is time machine when I really need one!

-Love and Peace-

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  1. nk time machine sgt pnjm kt nabel..hakhak

  2. epy H says:

    wuahh nice pic! soo romantic sunset! heh heh

  3. Yup2 Tioman is just awesome!

  4. RastaMat says:

    terbaek wok!!!

  5. jap nak pnggil doremon

  6. L says:

    subhanallah.. indahnya ciptaan Nya, pasnie boleh r ajk tuan belog tunjuk jaln2 kat sna bila L nk g.. huhu
    kita seorang pemarah?

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