I don’t know if you guys watch The Office (American TV Series), but it was super awesome and funny. One of the funniest character would be Dwight Schrute, portrayed by Rainn Wilson.

This is one of the famous scene of The Office where Dwight don’t know who the hell is Justice Beaver. Justice Beaver? LOL! Enjoy!

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  1. kah3..funny..justice beaver ~

  2. "say that we are the tour manager for JB"

    tiba jd justice beaver...WAHHAAaha!!

    thumbs up laaaa... :D

  3. hahahaha...it sounds like Justin Bieber...but it's a beaver..hahaha :p funny!

  4. cik pha says:

    HAHHAHHAHAHA LOL! aku tgok muka diorang ni pun aku nk gelak dah nk2 si pakai spek tu hahaha

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