[Picture source :http://www.friendshipspice.com]fathers-day-motivational-poster-darth-vader-and-lu1


Specially dedicated to all cool, awesome and responsible fathers. Abusive, pedophile, asshole fathers and evil step fathers can kiss donkey balls.


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  1. LOL! what a funny way to wish fathers day :)
    I like the first picture

  2. Yup. That's my fav too. awesome dad. I hope my dad were fat and smoke cigar too. hehehe

  3. ak baru dpt on9 ni...

    sadis babe.. ko dah dpt gaji belum

    diam2 plak ek.. tmpt job x bagi tau...

    mingu dpn nk p ganu ni..

    awek... hahaha.. lonely soldier jek...

  4. Salam...aku dapat banyak wish happy fathers day....tak sangka...dah jadi bapak dan mempunyai 3 anak!!!

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