I finally found the answer for the questions I posted before:

Asian chicks and their cute pose”

Finding the answer is not and easy task. Patient and endurance is the key points. The answer is subjective. Since it is subjective, I’m not gonna waste my time writing all those answers. How about a picture? with a hot asian babe? awesome right?

I think this picture kinda answer some of the questions. It’s not absolutely right. More like an opinion from western people’s perspective. Just a reminder, its not my own opinion. Some dude post it online:

asian-poses-cute-is-still-sexy-cubby-demotivational-posters-1292008775Picture source: Motifake

P/S: I still have no idea. What about the guys? anyone?

Give me your Idea!!!

Love and Peace!

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3 Responses so far.

  1. RastaMat says:

    so funny wif asian chicks...

  2. papabear says:

    comel ke tu? :)

  3. Ungu says:

    sebab simply smiling is lame and boring.
    yep,i agree.

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