scrubs-logo A question, anybody loves Scrubs, the TV series? Yea… me.

Ted Buckland, The hospital lawyer with pathetically low self-esteem and frequent suicidal tendencies, is one of the funniest character.

ted buckland

Here I want to share a video about Ted celebrating Dr. Kelso leaving (being force out) the hospital.

Damn I really miss the show!


P/S: Dulu saya nak jadi lawyer jugak tapi tak tercapai :)

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  1. Mr. Swift says:

    Haha, aku pun suka jugak cite ni.

  2. aku suke gile kot cite ni dulu..da lame xtgk

  3. papabear says:

    have never watched this one... sounds good...

  4. wachhoooo.... like dow drama ni.. same dgn futurama... kah kah

  5. hahhaa.. botok licing

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