PS3 aku 1 copy

Dear my lovely PS3,

I know you feet very lonely now since I haven’t touch you for almost a week. I’m sorry. It’s not your fault. I’m at fault here. I’ve been busy very busy for past few weeks with … you know… stuffs. I have my own mess I need to resolve. I hope you understand that. I know it’s hard for you to handle this kind of shit, but please understand, it’s hard for me too.

I still remember when I first met you. It was during winter break last, I guess. I was very exited when I opened that box. I stayed up for 2 nights straight without sleep playing the ‘Star Wars: The Force Unleashed’. It was a great time. There was never a time you let me down. Whenever I was in some kind of mess, I always turned to you to consolidate me.

Dear my lovely PS3,

I need to tell you that i have to leave you. I have to put you back into ‘THE BOX’. I know you hate the box. Its small, or maybe stinks… a bit. I hope you will understand. It’s tough for me too. I cannot resist the temptation of playing all those games. You are a symbol of corruption! I won’t play with you until I finish those things that I'm suppose to do. I really have to do this.

Your Great Master,



*note: ps3 ni asal dia America, so aku kene la cakap omputih.



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  1. i wish i can get one..

  2. i wish after u put dat PS3 into d box, u will send it to me.

  3. hahahhahaha tak lawak lagi x leh ker..

    tp cian ps3

  4. trpaksa la. kalo x, satu ape pon x leh nk buat. sempena tahun baru la.

    Change, we can!

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