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Bagi peminat band dari New York City,  The Strokes, March ini akan menjadi bulan yang dinanti-nanti kan kerana Album terbaru The Strokes dikatakan bakal keluar pada bulan tersebut (March):


NEW YORK (Billboard) - January 3 marked the five-year anniversary of the release of "First Impressions of Earth," the Strokes' third and most recent album.

Luckily, fans of the New York rock group won't have to endure the drought of new music much longer, as bassist Nikolai Fraiture has announced a March release for the band's still-untitled fourth album.

"Sonically, I feel it's the album which should have been made between 'Room On Fire' and 'First Impressions of Earth,'" Fraiture told BBC Radio 1, adding that the release will showcase the group's "classic sound."

Following the release of "Impressions," four of the five group members worked on side projects, and Fraiture said that the bandmates "didn't see each other for a long time."

The Strokes reconvened to write new material early last year, before recording in New York with producer Joe Chicarelli (White Stripes, Minus the Bear).

According to Fraiture, singer Julian Casablancas, who announced on Twitter in November that the band had finished recording the forthcoming album, recorded his vocals separately from the rest of the group for the first time.

"Usually we're always in a room and changing stuff and doing it all together," said the bassist. "It's all a learning experience."

Fraiture also announced that the Strokes will be "touring around the world" in support of the forthcoming album, although no dates have been announced thus far.

The band took a break from working on the full-length last summer to play a headlining slot at Lollapalooza, as well as a handful of U.K. festivals.

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