Here is a situation:

There is a dude, totally and insanely in love with a chick. He then confess to this chick about his feeling. Then the chick said this:

“I like you, i do…  love you, seriously, but.. I can’t be with you… It’s complicated… I’m sorry.”

Poor dude. He never saw that coming. She gave him hope and then she smashed him. Poor dude…

I’ve seen this situation in movies and even in real life. What do you guys think about this?

What do i think? I think this is stupid. Yup, totally stupid.

There are few plausible reasons why this chick rejected the dude that I can think of:

  1. The chick is stupid
  2. The chick is a whore
  3. The chick is a slut
  4. The chick is actually a DUDE (transsexual) 
  5. The dude cannot perform sexually


Remember my friends! every problems have solutions. In just 5 minutes, I managed to find the best solution for each problems:

  1. The chick is stupid: solution: punch her in the face then pee on her
  2. The chick is a whore: solution:  punch her in the stomach and pee on her
  3. The chick is a slut: solution: punch her in the face then call your friend and together, pee on her.
  4. The chick is actually a DUDE: solution: Kick his (her) balls and shit on her (his) face
  5. The dude cannot perform sexually: solution: The dude need to stop being a dude or maybe get some Viagra.

In conclusion: If you love someone, just say YES. You should not give a fuck about anything else.


“Peace and love come hand in hand” – me


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10 Responses so far.

  1. btl2..
    orng skrng suka mengcmplictedkn cnta...

  2. it's super true! ni mesti sebab FB punye status "it's complicated" pastu terus jadi trend.

  3. ARC™ says:

    let me answer your statement (as seen from my shoutmix)

    we both have blog(s).
    mine is better. thats y u were there. I was here because I wanna clarify the situation.

    adios amigos

  4. were u offended? or are u just bragging here?

  5. sabar je la ngan mgkok2 yang suke mengcomplected chenta2 nehhh...dOL..haha

    ur solutions super duper nice ..ahaha

  6. hahahhahaha lawak lahh... dhsat betol solution

  7. problem solving is my specialty :-)

  8. misz nana says:

    yup2.. stuju dengan entry nih :)

  9. haha..this 1 tbaik bro :)

  10. solution tu super awsom lah

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