Every person waits for something or someone or even certain time. Sometimes what we are waiting for will never come. Does it we should stop waiting? Does it means we are wasting our time? I used to ask myself those questions myself. I couldn’t find the answer and just gave up thinking and let the fate do the works. 

Not everyone loves to wait. Waiting is torturing. Sometimes it makes us hurt.But is just unavoidable. The fact remains that we are waiting for whatever the shit is. Some waits for loves Some waits for revenges Some waits for chances.

I do think that it is not all bad. It gives us hope. It gives us a meaning in life. Some people want a reason. some even creates their own reason and wait for it. It’s a stupid thing. But it’s what we do.

One thing for sure, I’m still waiting for (?).



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  1. Hello there......awesome life?...
    TOTALLY! huhuHU..;-P

  2. Hey! hope it's getting better :)

  3. ainil says:

    hye there.. sure, i followed ur blog.. btw, thx for dropping by!

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