I need help. I just can’t stop myself from watching South Park! The side effects are appearing. Now I can’t control myself. I’ve stop cursing and using words like ‘f#ck’, ‘d*ck’, ‘a$$h*les’ since I got back. But now, I’m starting to say those words again. It’s clearly that I've overdosed myself with South Park.

Do you know that excessive amount of South Park can result in shitty behavior, cursing, and excessive eating. Beware kids, just watch one episode every three days or your soul will be corrupted.

Oh by the way, by phone ringtone is ‘uncle fucka’ song which taken from one of the South Park episode.

F*ck! this is stupid. I’m not writing this anymore!

Peace out guys!

And remember, Don’t be a dick!

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  1. Yuki says:

    Dude! you should do some soul searching!

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