The world is filled with so many weird and sometimes unexplainable questions and mysteries. I've been questioning myself and people around me with these questions which i can never get valid answers. These mind boggling questions sometimes makes me wonder how ignorant and shallow I am. So this time I want to share these questions and mysteries with all other people. I hope somewhere out there, there will at least a dude or a girl who can give me some explanations.

  • Why there are so many men want to grow moustache? what the hell with that? I used to grow moustache myself. One day my housemate said I look like 'Opie Zami'. What the hell with that? Thanks to that housemate, I realize that i looked like an idiot, seriously. When i looked at my passport picture (me with moustache). I looked like a sexual predator. no wonder girls never say ‘Hi’ to me. Damn…
  • Why there are so many different kinds of hats? How they are made?Where are people get the idea to make hats? There many kind of them. Just name it. Any culture or any country have their own hat. In Malaysia we have ‘songkok’. It’s a hat too. There is Eskimo hat, army hat, baseball hat. old people’s hat. Waddup with that?
  • Why old people smells weird? Sometimes they smell like cheese.
  • Why does war exist? Why must we hate each other? I was just trying to hit on my friend’s sister. He was so damn mad, he didn’t speak to me for a whole week. Waddup with that? She’s hot. I want to hit that!
  • Why my cousin is so fat? Seriously, he’s is so round. Literally

I can ask hundreds of questions and go for hours at this. But what the hell. I’m too sleepy. I might even have a few words misspelled.


P/S:old people are awesome!


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