I just booked my flight for this winter break. Destination - New York City Babeh!! Damn Tiket flight mahal gampang 180 dollars plus tax WTF?! Aku lepak umah Apok for 3 weeks sampai New Year. I'm still thinking whether  nk pegi celebrate new year kat time square ke tak. 2 years ago kitorang pegi kat time square but there was too many people and kitorng tak dapat tgk ape2 pon. cis btol.

This year nk sampai jugak kat Central Park and nak tengok John Lennon Strawberry Field memorial. I've been to New York City for almost every year but tak pernah pegi central park or Statue of Liberty. Macamana pon I need to go to Central Park. Liberty Island maybe time spring kot. Right now it is too cold. Strawberry field bukannye gempak pon. just memorial in the Central Park. But still rasa cam nk pegi je. hehe.

"the strawberry field memorial"

"Entrance to strawberry field"

It look simple but in a peaceful surrounding. wahh cam menarik je. Gambar2 kat atas tu time end of spring or time summer. Sekarang ni musim luruh or awal winter, so it will be different lah.

Maybe kalo ade duit lebih bole shopping for barang2 winter. Mintak2 lah duit gugur dari langit. Ameen!!

Kalo ade live or konsert not bad right. haha

Till next time


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